Sunday, 23 June 2013


Change is Good

This week I have been reflecting on change.  I often tell myself that 'change is good, don't be afraid of change.'  I find myself becoming frustrated with those who resist change and had thought of myself as being open to change both in my personal and my work life.

So, when faced with sudden, unexpected change in my workplace this week I have had to force myself to live out this mantra.  My initial reaction was 'oh no this is very bad (with some expletives thrown in).  But on thinking and processing I have refocussed my thoughts to 'it will be OK even if it is not my ideal.'

In times of change we need to lean on and support those around us, acknowledge apprehensions, take things one step at a time and focus on the positives of the new situation with which we are faced. This can be easier said than done though.

Whist processing this change I have been faced with this week I've done some Googling (as you do) and found some great pics and quotes on change which helped me in my thought process. My plan is to stay focussed on the positive and perhaps inspire others to refocus their thinking around change by sharing some of these gems here. 

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