Saturday, 13 April 2013

Google Apps For Education

So, here I sit in the Blogger session at the GAFE Summit Brisbane. What an amazing two days of learning we have had.  My brain is suffering from information overload but I am keen to get back to our classroom and implement some of the fantastic things I have learned about.
The scope and possibilities for using Google Docs in our Year 4 learning space are endless. One of the first things to introduce will be Simultaneous Writing Activities.  Setting up a class blog will be a priority during these school holidays. Discovering and using the Chrome Store has been an exciting revelation and, I fear, could become my newest distraction.  I'm going back to the classroom with valuable new Google Search skills to share with our students.  Above all it has been so wonderful to listen to keynote speakers and presenters whom I've been following on Twitter.  A short and sweet post today but once I have digested and sorted through the brain overload I'm sure there'll be much more to share.

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